Wall panels

Sandwich panels

Sandwich panels have been a construction product for many years. It consists of a steel outer and inner shell with a layer of insulating PIR foam in between. Sandwich panels are ideal if you want to build quickly or if high insulation values are important. They are an economical choice, score high on sustainability, and their lightweight makes them suitable for many applications. Aesthetically, you can go in any direction with SAB sandwich panels. They are available in many shapes, thicknesses, coatings, and colours as you can find on this page.

Package Stacking and Processing Panels

Package Stacking Panels

For a total overview of the maximum number of sandwich panels per type per package, see the PDF SAB package stacking download.

Below is an example of A/A/A/A SAB D 70 (15 in a package, standard and suitable for vacuum lifter) and A/B/A/B SAB D 70 (19 in a package, on request).

Bending and Buckling of Panels

Our facade panels can be customized (by the company Dupral). Common possibilities include:

– 90-degree bend

– Angle between 90 and 180 degrees perpendicular to panel length