Colorcoat PE 25 / Polyester

Colorcoat® PE 25 / Polyester – ideal for normal circumstances

Colorcoat® PE 25 / Polyester coating is a smooth coating, based on polyester resin, which is perfectly suitable for use in non-corrosive exterior environments. SAB-profiel supplies the coating as a standard on one side; the other side has got a backcoat. 

You can download a standard product performance guarantee of 10 years on a wall application (> 10 km from the coast).

Colorcoat PE 25 in many RAL colours available on stock, see below. All other RAL colours on request

Below you will find the colours and thicknesses SAB supplies as standard. Colours (and thicknesses) that SAB does not carry as standard are only supplied on request (with longer delivery time) and at an additional cost. Price levels vary by colour group, colour and thickness. Please check with SAB about this.

The colours shown differ from reality and serve as a guideline only. For an impression, you can look at the samples below or in the download of the SAB Colorcoat Overview NL. If in doubt about colour and gloss level, request a representative colour sample (of 15 by 7.5 cm) via the contact page.

RAL 9006
(0,50-0,63-0,75-0,88-1,00 mm)
RAL 9007
(0,50-0,63-0,75-0,88 mm)
RAL 1015
(0,63-0,75 mm)
RAL 3000
(0,75 mm)
RAL 5003
(0,63 mm)
RAL 5009
(0,75 mm)
RAL 5010
(0,75 mm)
RAL 6005
(0,63-0,75 mm)
RAL 6009
(0,63 mm)
RAL 6011
(0,63-0,75 mm)
RAL 6020
(0,63-0,75 mm)
RAL 7005
(0,75 mm)
RAL 7012
(0,63 mm)
RAL 7016
(0,50-0,63-0,75-0,88 mm)
RAL 7022
(0,63 mm)
RAL 7032
( 0,75 mm)
RAL 7035
(0,63-0,75-0,88 mm)
RAL 8004
(0,75 mm)
RAL 8011
(0,63-0,75 mm)
RAL 8012
(0,63-0,75-0,88 mm)
RAL 9001
(0,63-0,75 mm)
RAL 9002
(0,50-0,63-0,75-0,88-1,00-1,25 mm)
RAL 9005
(0,50-0,63-0,75 mm)
RAL 9010
(0,63-0,75 -0,88 mm)


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