Wall cladding

Facade Profile sheets

Facade profile sheets have been around for more than 50 years. The trapezoidal profile sheet 35 and corrugated profile sheet 18 are the most well-known and widely used. However, SAB offers a much broader range of steel facade sheets/profile sheets that can be applied both horizontally and vertically. Combined with a SAB inner box and mineral wool, you create a commonly used, well-insulated facade system. Achieving an Rc-value of 4.7 is also feasible with a construction system conforming to current building code requirements.

Aesthetically, you can achieve various looks with SAB facade profile sheets. They are available in many shapes, thicknesses, coatings, and colors as found on this page.

Processing, Fleece & Film for Facade Sheets

Here you will find an overview of all the additional processing that can be done to SAB-profile’s profile sheets. There is also information on the use and application of protective film and anti-condensation fleece.


When additional acoustic requirements are set for a building, the profiled roof and facade sheets, and inner boxes can be provided with a perforation pattern. Perforation can also be ordered for aesthetic reasons. If opting for perforation, bear in mind that the allowable load and deflection will change. More about this can be found in the technical handbook (chapter 3). SAB-profile standardly delivers two perforation patterns: Perfo 3 and Perfo 4 (perforation rates of 23.4% and 11.7%, respectively).

With perforated material, it’s even more crucial that our products are transported and stored dry. If rain or condensation water remains in the perforations, corrosion will occur. Especially with thicker material, the zinc layer is not sufficient for adequate cathodic protection. The corrosion is often superficial, easy to clean, and the process will stop after assembly. However, this often raises questions from clients.

Protective film

To prevent damage, SAB-profile can apply protective film to all coatings. This is already standard on stainless steel and the outer sheets of the sandwich panels. SAB-profile advises ordering all smooth coatings, such as polyester and PVDF, with film. The film can be removed immediately before or after assembly.

Anti-Condensation Fleece

Facade sheets (as well as cold roof and warm roof sheets) can be fitted with anti-condensation fleece on the inside to prevent condensation from dripping. Anti-condensation fleece is primarily intended for indoor use. It is not suitable in humid spaces or in spaces with a permanently high moisture content, where there is no ventilation and/or the absorption surface cannot dry. Anti-condensation fleece is suitable for canopies with limited moisture exposure. The light gray anti-condensation fleece consists of interlocking fibers that leave enough space to absorb condensation. When the temperature rises and ventilation occurs, the absorbed moisture is released as vapor into the environment. Besides its excellent moisture-absorbing properties (500 to 900 gr/m²), the fleece also provides additional sound absorption.

For more information about anti-condensation fleece and which profiles it is suitable for, you can download (Dutch) brochure: SAB Anti-condensvlies