Colorcoat Prisma

Colorcoat Prisma®: leading in colour and aesthetic appeal

From September 2017, the new Colorcoat Prisma® is available. Colorcoat Prisma, pre-coated steel, is the best combination of aesthetic quality, long-term performance and durability. The new revolutionary 3-layer Prisma, even has a 20 year colour guarantee for all standard colours. The thickness and structure of the coating make Prisma extremely suitable for use on facades and roofs. If you want to know more about Colorcoat Prisma’s unique features, look at the European colour card, which also contains technical information. 

Product features and benefits Colorcoat Prisma

  • Revolutionary 3 layer coating technology, providing enhanced aesthetics and long term performance and durability.  Also possible with an optimised thicker clearcoat to achieve a true textured effect and gloss less than 5%.
  • Confidex® Guarantee for up to 40 years for the weatherside of industrial, commercial and residential buildings without no inspection or maintenance to maintain its validity. Not for perforated material.
  • Can be used under Photovoltaic (PV solar panels) installations without a reduction of the warranty period, does not apply to Elements
  • Colour guarantee of 20 years included as part of the Confidex® Guarantee for standard colours.
  • Optimised Galvalloy™ metallic substrate for ultimate corrosion resistance and cut edge protection.
  • Independently tested for liberation of volatile organic compounds (VOC) against EN ISO 16000-9 and achieved an A+ rating.
  • Fully REACH compliant & free of chromates including hexavalent chrome.
  • Certified to BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing Standard.
  • Fully supports BREEAM & LEED certification.
  • Robust and durable topcoat for easier handling and processing.
  • Reverse side branding making traceability easy, so you can rest assured that your building is protected with the highest quality from Tata Steel.
  • Available in metallic colours Sirius and Orion and in addition in 8 special metallic colors Ariana, Aquarius, Atlantis, Ephyra, Helios, Kronos, Pegasus and Zeus (now all possible with Textured finish and matt effect).
  • 10 contemporary solid-uni colors (now all possible with Textured finish and matt effect).
  • 4 matt colours Orion, Sirius, Zeus and White to make combinations in gloss.
  • 6 special element colors with natural metal shades like Seren Copper, Seren Gold, Seren Midas (also a gold look), Seren Silver, Seren Black and Seren White exclusive for Tata Steel.
  • On request in mnay other colours via Reportoire (see below)
  • All colours surpass requirements of RUV4 and RC5 as per EN 10169 proving outstanding colour retention and corrosion resistance.

Since the end of April 2021 Colorcoat Prisma is available in a new Textured finish in 3 layer coating system. This new series ensures a overall tighter result with a rough effect. This Colorcoat Prisma is the most matt option with gloss level less than 5% also in dark colors. It is possible on the full range of 10 special metallic and 10 solid colours and even all Reportoire solid colours. Still guaranteed up to 40 years with Confidex® warranty for the façade. It is a very good alternative robust cladding product for the roof with 35 years Confidex warranty, also in combination with PV solar panels.

Available colours Colorcoat Prisma

The colours shown below, can differ from the actual colours and serve as guidelines only. In case of doubt about colour and shine ask for a representative hand sample with the colour you are interested in through a request at the sample order page. Standard Colorcoat Prisma can be delivered in Sirius, Orion and 8 other metallic colours. Also available are 10 standard uni-colours, 6 Elements colours and 4 matt colours (see colouroverview below). For a first impression it is also possible to watch the download of the Tata Steel – Colorcoat Prisma Colourcard. In this there is a table with the RAL reference for the uni-colours. So preferably always use the name description for the colour you want.
SAB supplies the 15 most common Colorcoat Prisma colours quickly and as standard from stock.

Any colour with Repertoire®

In addition to our new colour collection our service Repertoire® can supply Colorcoat Prisma in almost any colour (also in the standard colors of the old color chart until 2017) all backed up by the market leading Confidex Guarantee. Repertoire can match almost any shade from physical sample swatches, commonly used references such as RAL, NCS and Brittish Standard, through to the more unusual standards. Please consider that you have to order at least 2.500 m² Colorcoat Prisma for this service. The new matt Textured finish is also possible on Reportoire colours, at least 5,000 m2. Use this link to visit Reportoire service of Tata Steel. 

Overview colours Colorcoat Prisma

Colours are classified in the four Colorcoat Prisma series Metallics, Solid, Elements and Matt, and are shown in alphabetical order. Below you will find the colours and thicknesses SAB supplies as standard. Colours (and thicknesses) that SAB does not carry as standard are only supplied on request (with longer delivery time) and at an additional cost. Price levels vary by colour group, colour and thickness. Please check with SAB about this.

The colours shown differ from reality and serve as a guideline only. For an impression, you can look at the samples below or in the download of the Colorcoat Prisma Colourcard UK-MLE. If in doubt about colour and gloss level, request a representative colour sample (of 15 by 7.5 cm) via the contact page.

Special Metallics

(0,63 mm)
(0,50-0,75 mm)
(0,63-0,75 mm)
(0,50-0,63-0,75-0,88 mm)
Sirius (9006)
(0,50-0,63-0,75-0,88 mm)
(0,50-0,75 mm)

Solid Colours

Alaska Grey (7000)
Anthracite (7016)
(0,50-0,63-0,75 mm)
Black (9005)
(0,63-0,75 mm)
Cream (1015)
Hamlet (9002)
(0,50-0,63-0,75 mm)
Oxide Red (3009)
Oyster (7035)
(0,50-0,75 mm)
Sargasso (5003)
(0,63 mm)
Slate Grey (7012)
(0,63-0,75 mm)
White (9010)
(0,50-0,63-0,75 mm)


Seren Black
(0,75 mm)
Seren Copper
(0,75 mm)
Seren Gold
Seren Midas
Seren Silver
Seren White

Matt Colours

Orion Matt
Sirius Matt
White Matt
Zeus Matt