Sandwich panels

Sandwich panels have existed for many years as a building product. They consist of a steel outer and inner shell with a layer of PIR insulating foam in between. Sandwich panels are ideal if you want to build quickly or if high insulation values are important. They are an economical choice, score highly for sustainability, and their light weight makes them suitable for many applications. From an aesthetic viewpoint, SAB sandwich panels offer you countless possibilities. They are available in many versions, thicknesses, coatings and colours.

Overview of SAB sandwich panels

Below is a brief summary of the primary types of sandwich panels produced by SAB.
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Facade/Wall panels

It is not for nothing that designers of large industrial buildings and distribution centres almost always opt for steel sandwich panels with a PIR insulating core. They are practical, safe and quick to process. With SAB sandwich panels, you create a businesslike and well insulated facade or wall. The sandwich panels are finished on both the inside and outside. The sandwich panels for facades and walls are ideal if you want to build quickly or if high insulation values are important. You can even use SAB facade panels implemented as carrier panels as an insulating, watertight and structural substrate for different curtain walls.

SAB facade sandwich panels

  • Excellent insulation values thanks to the absence of cold bridges.
  • Prefab building elements: rapid and problem free mounting with minimal risks on the building site.
  • Optimal air seal with a high-grade sealing strip in the joint.
  • Fire safe thanks to use of the latest PIR technology.
  • Noise insulation value of 26 dB

See immediately the many product possibilities of the sandwich panels for facade and wall.

Carrier panels

For those who want things to be more aesthetic, SAB has its SAB Carrier sandwich panels. With these sandwich panels, almost every imaginable appearance of the building is possible. Options include aluminium curtain walls, composite, wooden battens, expanded metal, or the SAB aesthetic profile panels. This allows you to combine the advantages of insulated panels with complete design freedom.

Carrier structure with SAB Carrier sandwich panels and exterior SAB Pagoda profile panel

  • Ease of construction of sandwich panels – the insulated SAB Carrier panels make the building wind and watertight rapidly and simply.
  • The panels serve as the load bearing structure for an extra curtain wall to allow an attractive and interesting exterior to be added without fuss.

See all SAB Carrier load bearing sandwich panels by filtering for Carrier in the filter menu.

Roof panels

New construction or renovation – for every industrial building, shed or stall with a pitched roof, sandwich panels are the ideal solution. The ideal solution for every agriculturalist and many other clients. For the new factory in Geldermalsen, the design was fully optimised. The new panels combine the best characteristics of existing roof sandwich panels:

Roof structure with SAB corrugated sandwich roof panels

  • A three-crown trapezium or 40 mm corrugated panel on the exterior
  • Length to no less than 25 metres.
  • A thick core of fire safe PIR foam for perfect insulation
  • Improved joint: A prefab element without cold bridges and with sealing tape in the joint guarantees an Rc value exceeding 6.3
  • Neat butted overlap, trimmed off 100% foam free and straight
  • Also available as an Eco variant with embossed aluminium on the inside (instead of steel)

See all the product possibilities for SAB roof sandwich panels.

SAB sandwich panels – advantages

  • The SAB sandwich panels are made in an ultramodern factory in Geldermalsen. We are a local Dutch producer sited centrally with short logistical lines both for the steel from our parent Tata Steel in IJmuiden and to our main sales markets in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.
  • Sandwich panels can be used in both new construction and renovation projects.
  • Major sectors are the industrial construction of halls, stores, shared office buildings, factories and distribution centres, and also the agricultural sector of sheds, stalls and storage spaces, where many sandwich panels are used. To an increasing extent, sandwich panels are now being used in home construction as well.
  • It is possible to use sandwich panels in the roof, facade and internal walls. The installation requirements for various newbuild projects of an Rc for the facade of 4.7 and 6.3 for the roof demanded in the Building Decree can be achieved with various thicknesses of sandwich panel.
  • Exterior panel implementation possibilities of flat (L, M8 and M16), trapezium shaped or corrugated.
  • Different coatings on the exterior and interior panel are possible depending on the application and the desired guarantee of up to 40 years, and in more than 75 different colours. 
  • The sandwich panel thickness ranges from 40 to no less than 160 mm depending on the desired application. 

Ecological footprint of sandwich panels

With SAB sandwich panels you also build sustainably.  

  • Suitable for airtight building
  • Recyclable building thanks to removable fixings.
  • Upcycling of steel at the end of the service life
  • Light weight: 10 to 16 kg/m2 (depending on thickness and version). This lets the structure and foundation remain light.

SAB products fit with every sustainability philosophy including cradle-to-cradle, BREEAM, Industrial Flexible Demountable (IFD) and the circular (recycling) economy. SAB is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EN 1090 and BES 6001 certified.

Read all about sustainable building with SAB sandwich panels

Price of sandwich panels per m2

If you are price sensitive, you do well using steel for facade and roof. The panels are lightweight, 10 to 16 kg/m², depending on thickness and version. This lets the structure and foundation remain light. This extends through into the price and building costs.

Coatings and colours

By applying the correct coating, a facade of sandwich panels obtains a long service life. With Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® or Colorcoat Prisma® you achieve excellent resistance to corrosion. These products also give a guarantee of up to 40 years when applied to the exterior. Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra is available as standard in 40 colours, of which 20 are Signature colours, 15 Classic colours and five Matt colours. For each colour you can see the RAL (Classic or Design) or BS code in a table on the colour card. Colorcoat Prisma is available as standard in Sirius and Orion and eight other metallic colours. Ten monochromatic colours, six unique element colours and 4 matt versions are also available.
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