Roofing panels

Sandwichpanels roof

Roof sandwich panels have been a construction product for many years and are primarily used on sloping roofs of barns, stables, and storage sheds. The sandwich panel roof consists of a steel outer and inner shell with a layer of insulating PIR foam in between. There is also an ECO variant with aluminum foil on the inside. Sandwich panels are ideal for quick construction or when high insulation values are important. They are an economical choice, score high on sustainability, and their lightweight makes them suitable for many applications. They are available in many shapes, thicknesses, coatings, and colors.

Processing and Package Stacking

Clean Overlap with Roof Sandwich Panels

If a clean overlap is desired, for instance, because the roof surface is longer than the maximum length of the panel or for proper drainage into the gutter, SAB-profile can apply it factory-made. This is possible for all roof panels, as well as the Eco-panels, with a minimum panel length of 2800 mm + the length of the overlap. The overlap ranges from 50 mm to 300 mm upon request. It matters whether the installation is done from left to right (left overlap) or from right to left (right overlap), looking from the ground to the roof. See also our Flyer Cutback.

Top Plate and Roof Accessories

SAB can supply a single steel plate that fits onto the top of the roof panels. This plate can also be bent for use, for example, as a ridge piece. The minimum length is 2m, with a maximum length of 6m. Larger quantities are subject to discussion.

In addition, various accessories/formwork pieces can be supplied, such as an external and internal ridge profile, profiled ridge and gutter closures, bargeboard, and profile fillers.


Package Stacking with Roof Sandwich Panels

Products that match the construction project ensure efficient building and beautiful results! SAB offers various options for package stacking.

For a total overview of the maximum number of sandwich panels per type per package, see the PDF SAB package stacking download.

Below is an example of A/A/A/A SAB D 70 (15 in a package, standard and suitable for vacuum lifter) and A/B/A/B SAB D 70 (19 in a package, on request).