SAB products help you construct a sustainable building

Many of the buildings into which SAB products are incorporated are energy neutral or even energy producing. This happens because SAB products possess properties that contribute to the sustainable use of buildings. Besides this, SAB products are suitable for recyclable and removable building. Intrigued as to what properties are responsible for this?

Three properties of sandwich panels that ensure you save energy:

  1. A core of insulating PIR foam up to 150 millimetres thick.
    All our sandwich panels have a core of fire resistant PIR foam with excellent insulating properties. You can select these in various thicknesses from 40 to 150 mm. 
  2. Cold bridges are absent because the inner and outer panel are not connected to each other.
    This prevents heat leaking away.
  3. High-grade sealing strip in the joint for an optimal air seal.
    Airtight building is easy to achieve with SAB sandwich panels.

These properties ensure perfect insulation. The Rc values for wall panels achieve no less than 7.13 m²K/W and the SAB roof panels 6.52 m²K/W. This means our panels comply generously with the latest requirements for home building. 

Would you rather opt for building with a surface mount system of liner trays with glass or mineral wool insulation? Here too an energy neutral or energy producing building is possible. Liner trays go up to a thickness of 160 mm and an Rc value of 4.7 is easy to achieve.

Recyclable building, removable building or building according to the cradle-to-cradle philosophy?

These three properties of SAB products ensure you achieve your goal:

  1. Removable building
    All our products can be attached with screws. This makes them suitable for removal and reuse. During its service life, a building can be modified for another function by relatively simple means. This increases the service life of the building in its entirety. Before our sandwich panels are recycled, they are often reused first.
  2. Recycling or upcycling
    Steel is one of the few materials with a true closed recycling loop. Steel is therefore not consumed, but can be reused again and again, without detriment to its quality or strength.
  3. Lightweight
    Thanks to the low inherent weight of sandwich and profile panels, both the foundation and the structure can be implemented lighter. This saves still more material. Depending on the thickness and version, the specific weight of sandwich panels is 10 to 16 kg/m².

Further, all SAB products are produced to the desired size. This means almost no building waste is generated. Want to know more about SAB sandwich panels, liner trays or wall profiles? You can see all the details on the product pages