Thank you for your interest in SAB’s metal roofing and cladding systems. This page will not only tell you about the history of SAB-profiel but also, and especially, about what we do every day to consolidate and expand our leading position.

Reliability comes with experience

SAB-profiel began operating in the market for roof and wall solutions in 1973. At the time we were the first Dutch producer of steel, profiled cladding. Since then we have grown to become a leading supplier of roof and wall systems. We are now part of Tata Steel and operate throughout Europe and the rest of the world.  

Guaranteed quality

For SAB-profiel, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, FM and BES 6001 certification (see pdf’s) is not a destination but a confirmation of our ongoing efforts towards achieving permanent and self-evident quality. This aim is also the reason for our intensive contacts with leading research institutes both within the Netherlands and abroad, and for our active role in trade associations such as the Dutch Vereniging Toeleveranciers Metalen Dak- en Gevelmaterialen (MDG, the association for suppliers of metal roof and wall materials) and the European Quality Assurance Association for panels and profiles (EPAQ). Intensive cooperation with Tata Steel naturally gives us access to extensive research and development facilities, and we work closely with our other suppliers to continuously improve products.

SAB-profiel today: abundant variety

SAB’s extensive range of sandwich panels, profiled cladding and flashings means you have ready-made solutions at your disposal for the construction of modern, high-quality industrial buildings, offices and homes. No two buildings are alike, unless that’s precisely the intention. The choice of various kinds of materials and many different coatings and colours mean that the possible combinations are endless, enabling you to give each building a unique appearance. 

SAB-profiel recognises the importance of good service

We do not only employ our know-how to develop new products and improve existing ones, but also to provide adequate support for existing applications. Our Product Services department is always ready to help you with clear advice and calculations on which you can build, but we would also be pleased to think along with you in other areas. If it concerns well thought-out logistics, for example, we would be glad to offer you delivery on-site. 

Questions or comments?

Do you have any questions about our products or services? If so, feel free to get in touch via +31 (0)30 68 79 700, or send an e-mail to