Liner trays

Structural liner trays

The use of structural liner trays offers many advantages when constructing a building. For instance, they offer a great degree of freedom when selecting and installing the exterior cladding and offer a high fire resistance rating when used in combination with mineral wool insulation. SAB has numerous options from newest SAB B160/600 till the Dutch standards SAB B140/600, SAB B110/600 or SAB B90/500.

Structural liner trays also make a significant contribution to sound insulation, were the perforation option improves the acoustic properties even more.

Numerous options of liner trays

Standard are our liner trays delivered in galvanized steel. We would advise you to order the structural liner trays complete with an interior coating (9002 or 9010). This coating conceals any minor surface imperfections, while its light colour helps reduce your lighting requirements.

If you have never worked with structural liner trays: they are u-shaped self-supporting construction elements that can be attached to the (steel) construction. They are normally installed horizontally for insulated walls in combination with exterior cladding. Either mineral wool or glass wool can be used for insulation, while you can choose from our wide range of profiles for the exterior cladding. Phone +31 (0)30 68 79 700 for more information.

SAB Liner trays with sealing tape

It is possible to have all types of SAB liner trays fitted with sealing tape ex-factory. With this will come an end tot the awkward use of glues and adhesives in the wind and weather at the building site. The tape is always positioned in the correct place and is continuous without interruption over the whole length of inner liner trays. The sealing tape is easy to compress and offers excellent air tightness. Thanks to this extra service from SAB-profiel, you will increase insulation value and enhance comfort in the building while also saving on building- and energy costs.