Franco delivery

Delivered quickly and free of charge.


Wherever you work, our central (production) locations in the heart of the Netherlands offer the advantage of fast delivery. We also deliver free of charge. And if you indicate which materials you want to receive where and when, we will gladly take care of the organization of the logistics.

Our on site delivery service transports are all taken care of by the company P & O Ferry Masters (POFM). POFM uses a fixed pool of local carriers who have extensive experience in transport length and similar loads. The carriers are familiar with the SAB products, timely deliveries and the flexibility that is required on a construction site. The planning and control of shipments will take place from an office at SAB.

For all your questions about free deliveries, please contact the planning department. The email address where you can reach the planning is

Since we work with loading windows, every transporter must make a loading appointment with our transport partner P&O Ferrymasters. They can be reached via or by telephone on +31 (0) 30 6879634.

All transports can be called up with the Excel call-up form that you can download below.


No matter where you work: The central location of our company in the middle offers you the advantage of fast delivery. Our deliveries are carriage paid. If you wish, we will be happy to take care of the logistics for you. You only need to indicate where and when you would like to receive the desired materials.

Our postage department works with a fixed number of carriers. The forwarders are very experienced in the field of long-distance transport and similar loads and meet the flexibility requirements that our construction sites have in terms of on-time deliveries.

Please inquire in writing by e-mail to

Calling off orders

To be able to offer you the best possible service in terms of just-in-time production and the loading of your order(s) SAB-profiel will only produce on call.

On-call Production

As soon as we receive your pick-up confirmation, we will release your order for scheduling and production. This ensures that your order will be ready on time. Thanks to the fact that we only produce orders that are actually picked up, we are in a better position to expedite the processing of your existing orders and / or to produce your new orders faster. All postage-paid shipments can be ordered with an order form. To be able to release ex-factory orders for production, our load-scheduling department needs the following information.

–       Desired loading date

–       SAB order numbers

–       Contact details of the transporter 

–       Loading sequence (where applicable)

One department for the production and shipping of your orders

The fact that both the production and shipping are controlled by the same department means that it is easier for you to obtain information about your order status. It also enables us to answer your questions more immediately.

We do however need your cooperation to make this process run as smoothly as possible. For example, you need to place your loading orders in good time (no later than the fourth workday before the order is to be loaded), you need to schedule a loading appointment with our load-scheduling department and you need to send in the loading details for each trailer (loading sequence, delivery addresses, etc.). This information will enable us better fulfil your wishes, and it will also help us to produce and load the products more effectively and in shorter times.

Loading based on scheduled appointments with you or your transporter

To minimize the waiting times at SAB-profiel, we request that you arrange with your transporter to make a specific appointment. Once the appointment has been made, we will then reserve your loading capacity. The advantage of this system is that you will then not need to wait for other transport companies or loading personnel. SAB-profiel strives to load all trucks within a period of two hours. If more than two hours are needed to load, the loading planner will contact your transporter. To ensure that we are able to observe our loading appointments as closely as possible, we assign higher priority to transporters that checked in at the front desk before the time window than to transporters that failed to check in on time.