Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra

Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra®: The ultimate pre-finished steel guaranteed for 40 years

Building on the success of Colorcoat HPS200®, the new Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® is based upon a revolutionary coating system, providing dramatically improved colour stability and gloss retention. This step change in performance allows us to extend the market-leading Confidex® Guarantee for up to 40 years. Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra is a coating based on polyvinylchloride (PVC) resins. This exclusive coating technology has been developed for durability and maximum retention of colour and gloss. Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra is supplied as standard with a unique Scintilla® embossing on the facing side. While a durable backcoat is applied as standard to the reverse. A GalvalloyTM layer (95% zinc and 5% aluminium) is applied to the steel under the Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra coating. Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra is ideal for exterior applications in marine and industrial environments. Do you want to know more about the unique product benefits of Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra check the colourcard.

Product features and benefits Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra

  • Beautiful color range, developed in consultation with architects and color experts
  • Confidex® Guarantee to 40 years for the exposed sides of the industrial, commercial and residential buildings without the need for inspections and maintenance to ensure its validity.
  • Can be used under Photovoltaic (PV solar panels) installations without a reduction of the warranty period
  • Optimised GalvalloyTM metallic coating for exceptional corrosion resistance and cut edge protection.
  • Surpasses requirements of RC5 as per EN 10169:2010 proving corrosion resistance.
  • Surpasses requirements of RUV4 as per EN 10169:2010 proving excellent colour and gloss retention.
  • Scintilla™ embossed as a mark of authenticity from Tata Steel.
  • Made in the UK and certified to BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing standard.
  • Exceeds requirements of CPI5 as per EN 10169:2010 demonstrating excellent barrier properties when used internally.
  • BBA certified for durability in excess of 40 years.
  • Fully recyclable.

Available colours Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra

The colours shown can differ from the actual colours. Ask for a real sample to get a right impression of colour and gloss through the contact page. You can donwload the Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra colourcard (pdf 1.5 MB ). The collection 2012 is made up of 40 colours, of which 20 Signature colours, 15 Classic colours and 5 Matt colours. There are 3 colours available in matt as well as standard gloss. Of all colours the nearest RAL reference (Classic or Design) or BS code is mentioned in a table. This table is shown on the colourcard.

WATCH OUT: The two Metallic colours Sirius and Orion are no longer (since July 2010) available in Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra. These colours are only available in Colorcoat Prisma.

Signature colours

A range of 20 natural and subtle tones. These work well individually and extend the potential for blending and toning colours on a building, and with the environment. 


A selection of 15 popular strong colours that work well with the Signature colours as accent colours, or on their own for a more dramatic effect.

Matt colours

The new coating technology means Tata Steel is the first steel company to market to offer a matt option in selected shades. These come with a gloss level of < 15%, compared with the more typical 20-40% gloss levels of the main colours. 

Any colour with Repertoire®

In addition to our new colour collection our service Repertoire® can supply Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra in almost any colour all backed up by the market leading Confidex Guarantee. Repertoire can match almost any shade from physical sample swatches, commonly used references such as RAL, NCS and Brittish Standard, through to the more unusual standards. Please consider that you have to order at least 2.500 m² Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra for this service. Use this link to visit this service on the Colorcoat pages of Tata Steel.

Overview of colour options Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra®

Below you will find the colours and thicknesses SAB supplies as standard. Colours (and thicknesses) that SAB does not carry as standard are only supplied on request (with longer delivery time) and at an additional cost. Price levels vary by colour group, colour and thickness. Please check with SAB about this.

The colours shown differ from reality and serve as a guideline only. For an impression, you can look at the samples below or in the download of the Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra Colourcard UK-MLE. If in doubt about colour and gloss level, request a representative colour sample (of 15 by 7.5 cm) via the contact page.

Signature Colours

White (9003)
(0,50-0,63-0,75 mm)
Goosewing Grey (7038)
(0,50/0,55-0,63-0,75 mm)
Alaska Grey (7000)
(0,63 mm)
Anthracite (7016)
(0,50/0,55-0,63-0,75 mm)
Black (9005)
(0,63-0,75 mm)
Ice Blue (230 80 10)
Albatross(240 80 05)
Pure Grey (000 55 00)
(0,75 mm)
Merlin Grey (180 40 05)
(0,50-0,63-0,75 mm)
Ardenne (7022)
(0,75 mm)
Marlstone (1013)
Honesty (1015)
Mushrooom (080 70 10)
(0,50 mm)
Straw (080 70 30)
Mole Brown (070 40 10 )
Hamlet (9002)
(0,50-0,63-0,75 mm)
Meadowland (100 80 20)
Moorland Green (100 60 20)
Svelte Grey (080 50 20)
Olive Green (100 30 20)
(0,63 mm)


Chili (3000)
Petra (3013)
Terracotta (040 40 40)
(0,63 mm)
Barn Red (030 30 40)
Burano (3004)
Jade (150 50 20)
Heritage Green (6002)
(0,63 mm)
Reseda Green (6011)
(0,63 mm)
Juniper Green (140 20 10)
(0,50/0,55-0,63 mm)
Ivy (170 20 10)
(0,63 mm)
Van Dyke Brown (8014)
Solent Blue (240 40 40)
Wedgewood Blue (220 50 15)
Ocean Blue (240 40 40)
Sargasso (5003)
Raven (7021)
(0,63-0,75 mm)


Alaska Grey Matt (7000)
Anthracite Matt (7016)
(0.50-0,63 mm)
Green Grey Matt (150 40 10)
Oxidised (050 20 10)
Terracotta matt (040 40 40)