SAB W(-FA) 150.1100 (FR)

Sandwich panels for the facade or as an interior wall with visibly screwed fixings. With a core thickness of 150 mm, the u-value is 0.14 W/m2K. The SAB W 150.1100 is available in FM Approved and FR version, see explanation and overview of products on the fire safety page. Working width is 1100 mm.

Our sandwich panels can be applied both vertically and horizontally, and come in 3 ribbings: LL, M8L and M16L. For the new factory in Geldermalsen, our sandwich panels have been completely redesigned. The joint has been optimised for fire, wind and water resistance, and the construction width has been altered to 1100 mm. The seal in the joint is easily compressed and provides airtight qualities under the slightest compression. Our panels can be provided with a foodsafe coating for applications in the food processing industry.

TypeThickness*Weight*Rc (NTA 8800)UMax. Lenght
SAB W(-FA) 150.1100 (FR)150 13,87,130,14 16,0 

* Weight with steel exterior and interior skins with gauges of respectively 0.50 and 0.40 mm

Popular colours Colorcoat Prisma
Orion (RAL 9007)
Sirius (RAL 9006)
Alaska Grey-RAL 7000
Anthracite-RAL 7016
(0,50-0,63-0,75 mm)
Black-RAL 9005
(0,63-0,75 mm)
Cream-RAL 1015
Hamlet-RAL 9002
(0,50-0,63-0,75 mm)
Oyster-RAL 7035
(0,63-0,75 mm)
Sargasso-RAL 5003 (0,63 mm)
Slate Grey-RAL 7012
(0,63-0,75 mm)
White-RAL 9010
(0,50-0,63-0,75 mm)
Seren Copper
Popular colours Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra
Anthracite (7016)
Black (9005)
Goosewing Grey(7038)
Hamlet-RAL 9002
(0,5 – 0,63 – 0,75 mm)
Raven (7021)
Reseda Green (6011)