SAB-Pyramid striking appearance for multifunctional accomodation

The architect’s vision for the Multifunctional Accommodation Hart van Meerdervoort in Zwijndrecht was originally intended to include a brick façade solution. Design-related requirements, however, saw an about turn on the choice of cladding solution for the development, and the architect ultimately choose to use steel. The project was built and delivered using SAB-Pyramid 19/470 and SAB-Pyramid 19/520 steel profiles, giving the structure an eye-catching look. The building was also designed with demountability in mind and at the end of its current life the components can be demounted and reused elsewhere, providing a cost-effective solution that can be easily reconfigured to suit future users.

Built on a relatively narrow strip of land, the multifunctional Hart van Meerdervoort centre houses a primary school, a community centre, a gym and a community support office for a housing association.

The design for the façade was selected from a selection of potential design concepts submitted from five architects. The winning design came from architect Frans van Roy. Chosen by the client, Woonstichting Trivire as the best vision, the design was incorporated into the project to create the MFA Hart van Meerdervoort. During construction, Frans van Roy worked closely with Elles van Sluisveld (interior architect and graphic designer) and Koen Vissers (structural engineer) to deliver the best possible solution.

Throughout the build, several areas of the design were improved and enhanced to provide an efficient, reliable, cost-effective structure. It was at this point that further consideration to the choice of façade material was made, and the switch from brick to steel was stipulated resulting in savings on price, quality and a lightweight alternative that could be easily demounted for future use.

SAB’s steel aesthetic pyramid profiles were the ideal choice and ticked all the right boxes. Following a thorough study, Frans van Roy was also won over by the steel profiles and the chic look they would provide, which was just what he was looking for.  The crisp, clear line design created by the SAB-Pyramid 19/470 and SAB-Pyramid 19/520 profiles provided a modern look that was far away from that of traditional steel warehouses or units.

The façade is in fact a combination of brick, wood and steel, all interacting seamlessly together to provide an aesthetic visual attractiveness. While brick forms the lower part of the structure, the SAB steel profiles are utilised on the upper area, to provide a high-quality visual appearance. The SAB-Pyramid 19/470 and SAB-Pyramid 19/520 profiles were fitted in an alternating pattern, in an almost  random arrangement that gives dimension and depth to the façade. Another striking feature is the windows and how they were recessed into the steel façade.

The building’s aesthetics committee also fully supported the choice of steel for the building envelope – “A surprising switch with special effects, the golden colour makes it a very prestigious building.”

SAB products used in this project: 662m² SAB-Pyramid 19/470 combined with 105m² SAB-Pyramid 19/520, manufactured from Colorcoat Prisma® in Ephyra. In addition 309m² of liner trays SAB B90/500 and 600m² of SAB 106R+/750 deep deck profiles.

Assembly of the steel wall cladding: Metal Bouwkonsort of Lopik

Photos: Dion de Bakker Fotografie