Load restraint guidelines

The number of accidents due to unsecured loads on the roads are increasing. In order to avoid involvement of SAB products by accidents we issue new guidelines for load restraint. You can download the latest version of the Brochure “Load Securing instructions of SAB-profiel bv” from our website.

Download the instructions here (pdf).

When you collect products at SAB, it is important that your driver comply with those guidelines in order to avoid delays in loading time. In the event your driver or haulier does not comply with regulations and minimum requirements the trailer will not be loaded.

Some of the most important securing rules are:

  • The driver wears the prescribed Personal Protection Equipment and follows the SAB safety instructions at the loading bays
  • The driver ensures a clean and free trailer bed
  • The driver provides enough and approved load restraint equipment like:
    • Side pins (are always required when loading liner trays). The use of side pins are always recommendable, even when the number of web lashings are sufficient;
    • Enough approved web lashings/straps ( a minimum of 12 straps are required when used in combination with anti-slip mats) and edge protectors. The attached guideline shows the number of straps for each loading situation);
    • A minimum number of anti-slip mats, that at least should be used between the first package, the wooden lumber support and the trailer bed;
    • A minimum quantity of 25 wooden lumber supports;
    • A headboard or alternative headboard high enough for the load. Liner trays will not be loaded above the headboard. 

Health and safety is for SAB-profiel an absolute priority. Load securing is part of that policy. We expect an increasing focus on this topic due to European regulations. SAB invests in stabilizing packaging for example with anti-slip mats etc. With our common concern the SAB products will reach your building side not only undamaged  but also safe.

If you have any queries after reading this guideline you can contact our QHSE manager by calling our general number +31 (0) 30 68 79 700. Our SAB loading staff can inform your driver about the loading procedures.