New printer enables easy customization of package sheets with customer logos

SAB has recently redesigned its package sheets with icons indicating how to handle the sandwich panels during transport and on the construction site. For more information, check the page about package sheets. In addition, SAB now offers an extra service for customers: the ability to print their own logo on the package sheets of the sandwich panels. Our own logo is already on those package sheets. The investment in new special printers now also makes it possible to print a customer logo on each package sheet.

Having a custom customer logo on the package sheets is an attractive extra from a communication standpoint. Both en route and on the construction site, the name of the assembly company is clearly visible. The new printer makes this process flexible. Now, a part of the package sheet can be customized for the customer.

All that is required is the submission of the correct company logo (in EPS format). This can be sent to the Marketing & Communication department: Joyce van Vliet, Questions about the exact specifications your logo needs to meet? Then please contact Joyce, phone +31 653 162 445.