New: Colorcoat SDP 50 and SAB Color chart Colorcoat

For some time now, SAB profile has been offering Colorcoat® SDP 50 in various popular colors. Due to its success, there are now 10 colors available as standard in stock. The pre-painted steel Colorcoat SDP 50 is, among other things, the sustainable alternative to PVDF. Therefore, we will be selling off our PVDF coating (colors), but they can still be requested on a project basis afterward.
We have also developed a new brochure ‘SAB Color Overview Colorcoat’, which also includes the possibilities of Colorcoat SDP 50. The new color brochure provides an overview of the various possibilities, application advice, and (standard) colors and thicknesses for Colorcoat at SAB. All coatings and colors are presented together in a convenient overview, with the color samples shaped like the SAB logo.

Colorcoat SDP 50

For those who are not (yet) familiar with Colorcoat SDP 50. It is aesthetically pleasing, durable, and corrosion-resistant pre-painted steel with a long guaranteed lifespan. It is the perfect material for sandwich panels and (design) profiles for facades and roofs of high-quality architectural projects.

Colorcoat SDP 50 is equipped with an organic coating with a thickness of 50 μm. The main advantages are its excellent durability and scratch resistance. Suitable for situations where standard 25 μm systems do not perform adequately, but also an excellent choice for all aesthetic applications. This is partly due to the outstanding non-degrading warranty of up to 25 years, depending on location, climate, and application, even when used under PV panels. For a complete overview of Colorcoat SDP 50, you can download the brochure: TSN-Colorcoat-SDP-50-Brochure or read more on the product page Colorcoat SDP 50.

Colorcoat SDP 50 is standardly available in many solid colors and various metallics. SAB has a large selection standard in stock in various thicknesses. See the product page Colorcoat SDP 50 or check the new SAB Colour chart Colorcoat.

Colorcoat PVDF

The pre-painted steel Colorcoat SDP 50 is, among other things, the sustainable alternative to PVDF. Our current PVDF stock is being sold off, after which PVDF can only be requested on a project basis.

New SAB Colour chart Colorcoat

With the introduction of Colorcoat SDP 50 as a standard coating and Colorcoat PVDF no longer, it is also a good time for a new SAB colour brochure. The new brochure provides an overview of the possibilities, application advice, and (standard) colours and thicknesses for Colorcoat® at SAB, from Colorcoat® PE 25, Colorcoat® SDP 50 to Colorcoat Prisma® and Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra®. All coatings and colours together in a colour brochure in the shape of the SAB logo.

This brochure gives you a complete overview of the standard colours and thicknesses per Colorcoat product at SAB. It is also a good promotional tool for use towards clients, architects, building owners, contractors, etc.

SAB products such as sandwich panels, profiled sheets, design profiles, liner trays, and flashings can be executed in a Colorcoat product and colour of choice. This way, you can endlessly vary and give each building a unique character. Download the new SAB Colour chart Colorcoat directly, but you can also request a printed copy (or more, of course) via or through the contact form on the website.