Connection Systems: Aesthetic pyramid profiles in a rural environment

The new Connection Systems’ building lies in a rural environment in the Dutch province of North Holland. It was a challenge to design the three storey high 5,500 m2 building so that it merged into the cultural historical landscape. To achieve this, Tom Valks, the architect, chose to use steel SAB-Pyramid panels in the colours Colorcoat Prisma® Ephyra and Alaska Grey.

Westerbuurt in Venhuizen is a ribbon village between Hoorn and Enkhuizen. It has an authentic ‘Hollands’ character with farmhouses, meadows and green. The local authority wants to retain this characteristic landscape as far as possible and therefore places requirements on the appearance of new buildings. The Connection Systems’ building shows that high-quality aesthetic profiled panels can appropriately meet these high requirements.

On the first two floors, the pyramid profiles are installed vertically and are alternately SAB-Pyramid 37/510 and SAB-Pyramid 37/460 in Colorcoat Prisma® Ephyra. This arrangement damps the volume of the building, creates a shadow effect and brings the building to life. SAB-Pyramid 19/520 panels in Colorcoat Prisma® Alaska Grey are installed on the upper floor, which camouflages the volume of the building even more. The grey colour that appears lighter against the sky has the effect of making the building look lower. Around the building, trees will be planted that are characteristic for the region, to make the building blend even more into the environment. Frank Wagemans from Connection Systems is happy with the result: “An extremely good choice, it reflects the trust you must have in the architect.”

Photos on the website of the architect Tom Valks show how the building blends into its environment. (link plaatsen) The website also gives more details about the design decisions. For instance, the zoning plan had to be amended to make it possible for the building to have a flat roof. Gabled roofs are obligatory in the area.  In addition to the appearance of the building, design requirements were also placed on sustainability and efficiency. The project forms part of the Next Step Program BNA.

SAB-profiel products used in this project: 560 m2 SAB-Pyramid 37/510 and 570 m2 SAB-Pyramid 37/460 in Colorcoat Prisma® Ephyra and, 280 m2 SAB-Pyramid 19/520 in Colorcoat Prisma® Alaska Grey. The Pyramid profiles are installed on 1,300 m2 of liner trays SAB B 110/600 and SAB B 65/450, both from 0.88 mm thick steel. Some of the liner trays are perfo sv and ic with tape containing 170 mm Rockwool 209 duo (sono). On the roof: 1,500 m2 warm roof cladding SAB 153R/840 perfo.

Connection Systems specialises in camera systems for both temporary and permanent applications, for instance, for security or enforcement. (link plaatsen.)
Installation: Catsburg Dak-en Gevelbekleding B.V.

Photo: Bas Zwerver Groeier
Photo: Zweitze Korten
 Photo: Zweitze Korten
Photo: Bas Zwerver Groeier