SAB sandwich panels FM Approved: Guaranteed quality

Storm, fire, hail… a building is subjected to a wide range of hazards during its life. It is therefore essential to be able to trust that the facade cladding can withstand these natural forces. At FM Global, SAB sandwich panels have successfully withstood a series of severe mechanical resistance and fire behaviour tests.

The panels themselves meet the highest requirements for insulated wall panels. And so does the entire facade system. This offers the certainty that the building shell will be safe throughout its life.

FM Global is the world’s largest insurer of industrial buildings. To limit the risk of damage, FM Global has its own test facilities in America. Here they independently assess and certify building products with respect to aspects including wind, hail and fire. Only products that meet the highest standards pass FM Global’s tests and are awarded FM Approval.

At FM Global’s research campus, SAB sandwich panels have successfully withstood a series of severe mechanical resistance and fire behaviour tests. This means that they comply with the 4411, 4651, 4880, 4881 and 4882 standards for ‘Building insulations, Walls and Ceilings, interior and exterior use’. The certificate is valid for ‘unlimited height’. This means that when using FM approved SAB-profiel panels, no restrictions are placed on the building height.

The SAB sandwich panels have obtained FM Approval for these standards.

The FM Approvals apply to:

  • the SAB WB-FA series that are 60, 80, 100 and 120 mm thick
  • the SAB W-FA series that are 40, 60, 80, 100, 120 and 150 mm thickWhere FA stands for ‘FM Approved’ 

By obtaining FM Approval for its SAB sandwich panels, SAB-profiel shows that it is committed to help you to meet the most stringent building regulations. We supply safe and robust products to the construction world, supported by our team of technical experts who help to bring your project from concept to realisation.

You can download the FM certificate here. More information about the products SAB WB-FA and SAB W-FA.

For more information, contact our Product Services department.

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