Van Meerendonk office built with SAB panels

To commemorate the successful growth of the business, Van Meerendonk Waterontharders started the build of their newly designed office in the fall of 2019.

Van Meerendonk Waterontharders is a local dealer of sustainable water softeners, situated in the Dutch Groningen province. This family-owned business, which was originally started in the living room of the Van Meerendonk family, has become very succesful in its 5 year existance. It is now the proud owner of 2 office spaces and employes already more than 10 people.

To commemorate the successful growth of the business, construction of a newly designed office building was started in the fall of 2019. Built with SAB sandwich panels.

The building was specially designed by LYVR Architecten and fits the location and business of the company perfectly. The wall panels with fixing hidden in the joint, supplied with blue Aquarius Colorcoat Prisma® coating and decorated with glass domes, give the building a bright and fresh appearance. Unmistakably for a company active in water treatment.

The blue colour, curved shapes and glass domes fit very well with a company dealing in water treatment equipment.

For this project, SAB supplied PIR wall panels with hidden fixing and ML ribbing, partly as supporting Carrier panels, and SAB 135R/930 deep decks. The wall panels have been fitted in a curved shape, with screws hidden in the joint, making the building look very sharp. The premium Colorcoat Prisma® coating ensures the building can withstand all types of weather and provides a sustainable finish.

The hidden fixing creates a sharp appearance.

All together a beautiful new office building for Van Meerendonk Waterontharders.

Project detail

  • Owner: Van Meerendonk Waterontharders
  • Architect: LYVR Architecten
  • Contractor: Bouwbedrijf Speelman BV
  • Cladding: Bunt Metaalbouw BV
  • Products:
    • SAB-Carrier WB 100.1000 ML
    • SAB 135R/930(P)
    • Colorcoat Prisma Aquarius and Black (RAL 9005)
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