Amsterdam The Style Outlets

The old industrial site of the former sugar factory on Halfweg has been conjured into Amsterdam’s no. 1 shopping mall.

Amsterdam The Style Outlets is an outlet centre of around 20,000 m². It comprises almost 100 shops over a two-storey parking garage. The outlet centre appears to be built on piles and is very creatively designed. A redesigned factory chimney has been given the function of an advertising display. The project has been executed on the old site of the CSM sugar factory on Halfweg and is part of the larger multifunctional SugarCity project. In this dynamic project, the former silos for example have been transformed into ultramodern offices, which are very attractively illuminated in the evening, and attract attention from a great distance.

For a short project video, see the SAB YouTube channel.

On the ‘chimney’ on piles, SAB shiplap in Heritage Green

Architect Jos van Eldonk from the Common Affairs bureau has been involved from the very start of the redevelopment. He talks about ‘A dream assignment, yet one requiring considerable stamina. Also a challenge to fill this relatively remote industrial site with business functions that by whatever means generate dynamism, yet where residential use is not permitted below an approach route to Schiphol.’ On the design drawings, it was entirely clear how the cladding of the elevation ought to look. Welmecon was also involved actively right from the start as outer wall cladding specialist. They detailed everything fully in BIM and also made mockups in advance for clarity and coordination.

The mint-green colour Jade stands out attractively

The variation in the outer walls is great, with many different materials, particularly a lot of steel. For this project, SAB supplied over 5300 m² of liner trays and outer wall sections. The greater part of the outer wall is in the SAB shiplap section 22/500 in Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra®, and this in the five different and striking colours, Barn Red, Heritage Green, Jade (mint green), Van Dyke Brown and Anthracite. 

SAB shiplap in Barn Red with next to it the colour Van Dyke Brown

All in all, vivacious outer wall cladding on an attractive location on the ring canal!