SAB roof decking for AZ football stadium

Our facilities in IJsselstein were specially modified to produce the 26.5 meters long roof plates for the renewed AZ football stadium.

One thing was clear: the new roof for the AZ football stadium had to be much stronger than its original, as it collapsed during a storm. Therefore, this time the designers opted for roof decking supplied by SAB and assembled by Reno Projecten. The production and supply of these 26.5 meters long roof plates was not simple. For example, our production facilities in IJsselstein had to be modified and special transport was arranged.

A thorough investigation followed the collapse of the original roof of the football stadium in Alkmaar. It was concluded that the roof cotained critical weak spots and faults in its design Therefore, for the new roof a different, improved design was made that is much stronger. This time with a steel roof decking construction delivered by SAB.

The production of roof plates is not more than ordinary at our production site in IJsselstein. However, not often it concerns an order for 758 plates (10,751 m2) with a length of 26.5 meters each. To facilitate this length, SAB employees worked hard to modify our machinery. Furthermore, one of the operator rooms had to be demolished because the factory hall would otherwise not be long enough. 

With special transport via a predetermined route, the 211,071 kilo’s of steel ultimately reached Alkmaar. During the coming weeks, they will be mounted on the roof by Reno Projecten, using a specially designed lifting device.

All together a fine example of cooperation in the supply chain!

Products: SAB 158R/750 (thickness 1.25 mm)
Photography: Van Meeteren Int. Transport BV