Closure of the Nieuwegein panel factory

It’s time after 33 years of production. Since Friday 11th June our location Nieuwegein is closed. In the slider some pictures of the last production and the closure of the line. From now on, all sandwich panels come from our new factory in Geldermalsen.

SAB’s new panel factory in Geldermalsen is running better and better. The quality of the products was already good, but now the productivity of the new lines has also grown. We have been supplying all roof panels and visibly screwed wall panels from Geldermalsen for several months. From now on we supply (almost) the entire range of sandwich panels from Geldermalsen, which means that the commissioning of the new factory is coming to an end. We recently closed the old factory in Nieuwegein, so that we can fully focus on the new location.

We stopped production in Nieuwegein of all panels and therefore also of the through fix mounted wall panels with the old construction width of 1150 mm. When creating/drawing the laying plan, it is therefore important to work with the new width of 1100 mm instead of with the old 1150 mm for the through fix wall panels.

The results of the production runs of new products are very satisfactory. Recently, the first roof panels SL were produced with our new roller (see photo).
Production of the new roof panel D SL.

The closure of Nieuwegein is an important milestone for which the entire SAB team has been working hard in the past period. Both in the development and sale of our new panels, as well as in making SAB Geldermalsen operational and keeping SAB Nieuwegein operational. We are therefore very pleased to now be able to fully focus on our beautiful new factory and improved sandwich panels.

Feel free to place orders for our new products or request our product samples. The drawings and technical datasheets of our new sandwich panels from Geldermalsen can be found on the downloads page. Our employees are happy to adress any questions through our contact page.