SAB 45KD/1000

If you are working on an application for which heat insulation is not required, then SAB also has the right single skin roof decking profile or shallow deck roof for you. They are designed for mounting on inclined or round roofs.

SAB has a large range of single skin roof decking or shallow deck roofing. We have three types of sinusoidal roof claddings, the 18/988, 27/1000 and 42/960 next to several trapezoidal roof claddings from the 19KD/1050 till the highest cladding 58KD/945-s.

Anti-Condensation foil

Cold roof cladding (but also façade cladding and warm roof cladding) can be fitted on the inside with an anti-condensation foil to prevent the dripping down of condensation. Anti-condensation foil is especially intended for inside use. It is not suitable for use in humid rooms or in rooms with a permanently high humidity, where there is no ventilation and/or where the absorption surface cannot dry. Anti-condensation foil is also suitable for canopies exposed to (reduced) humidity. The light-grey anti-condensation membrane comprises fibres that clasp together, but which provide sufficient space to absorb condensation. When the temperature rises and there is ventilation, the moisture absorbed is released to the air. Apart from the good moisture-absorbing properties (500 to 900 gr/m²), the membrane also offers extra sound absorption. For headed overlap and ends above the drain (over a width of 200 mm), it is important that profile plates with anti-condensation foil on the building are finished with an air drier. The heating causes the membrane to deform, which prevents the sucking in of water from outside. 

  • Maximum length: 15,6 m
  • Minimum length: 0,6 m
Popular colours Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra
Anthracite-RAL 7016
(0,5/0,55 – 0,63 – 0,75 mm)
Anthracite Matt
(0.5 – 0,63 mm)
Black-RAL 9005
(0,63 – 0,75 mm)
Goosewing Grey-RAL 7038 (0,5/0,55 – 0,63 – 0,75 mm)
Hamlet-RAL 9002
Hamlet-RAL 9002
(0,5 – 0,63 – 0,75 mm)
Honesty-RAL 1015
Merlin Grey
(0,5 – 0,63 – 0,75 mm)
Ocean Blue
Pure Grey
(0,75 mm)
White-RAL 9003
(0,5 – 0,63 – 0,75 mm)
Popular colours Colorcoat PE 25 / Polyester
RAL 5010
RAL 9002
RAL 9006 M
RAL 9010