Our CO2 emissions have decreased by 65% in just 3 years!

SAB-profiel has been working towards improved sustainability for a very long time  

Although we’ve done a lot already, we don’t want to stop there. We are focusing our ambitions on two areas: the production process and production locations. What have we already been able to achieve?  The move from Nieuwegein to Geldermalsen was an important boost to our efforts and resulted in the creation of a big solar park on the roof of the building in Geldermalsen. The 4,500 solar panels on the roof supply the Geldermalsen production site with 80% of the electricity it needs. In 2022, 1,850,000 kWh of electricity was generated, which was enough to cover the electricity consumption of 660 households. The rest of the energy the site needs is sustainable because we only buy renewable energy.

The Geldermalsen factory also produces sandwich panels without using any gas at all. A lot of natural daylight enters the factory and is supplemented by LED daylight lighting. Heat from the production process heats the building and heat pumps add to this heat with heat from the air – so it’s renewable.  

We started the transition to fully electric company cars two years ago. We are renewing the fleet gradually and will be fully electric from 2027 onward. All our electric vehicles (and the electric vehicles of visitors too) can be charged on the site, using renewable energy.  

In recent years, we have taken many other bigger and smaller steps to reduce our CO2 emissions. For example, replacing conventional bulbs with LEDs, reducing the number of people traveling to and from work by car, smarter cooling and heating and improved insulation. 

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On this website you can find all of the information about the sustainable, innovative SAB products and services related to metal roof and facade systems, PIR sandwich panels, profiled sheets, structural liner trays and bending. Everything made to specification for any construction project. Our steel products are used to build attractive, sustainable, modern and high-quality industrial buildings, sports centers, offices and homes. SAB-profiel offers you the best metal roof and facade systems and other solutions in steel! For all your questions +31 (0) 30 68 79 760.

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