ISO, EPD, EPAQ and CE-marking

Various certificates

For confirmation of the quality and durability many certificates are available. On this page you can download most requested and important ones. SAB has also ISO 14001, BES 6001 and the first bespoke EPD (for SAB WB 100.1000). All certificates are useffull within BREEAM and LEED. See for more explanation the following FAQ article on the Tata Steel Construction website.. 

Quality regulations

PPA-Europe has established Quality Regulations valid for panels and profiles, which are covered by the scopes of the following harmonized European standards (hENs):

  • EN 14509 – "Self-supporting double skin metal faced insulating panels – Factory made products – Specifications"
  • EN 14782 – "Self-supporting metal sheet for roofing, external cladding and internal lining", for self-supporting profiles
  • EN 1090 – "Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures", for load-bearing profiles.