SAB details- and productdrawings

SAB Details 2D in DWG, DXF and PDF

We have worked out 67 details for the application of our products, see below this page. There are 15 details for sandwich panels, 10 details for build-up systems and 42 details for SAB Carrier panels. All available in dxf, dwg and pdf. Illustrate the details of the different situations in which our products have been applied. For a quick look, it is useful to first download and view the PDF. We are happy to use our expertise for the technical assessment of the details that you have made yourself.

We have a number of principle working details available for the use of our products that illustrate the various situations in which our products are used. We are quite willing to use our expertise to technically evaluate the working details that you have created.

SAB Productdrawings 2D in DWG, DXF and PDF formaat

On this page you will also find a complete series of product drawings of the various SAB products in DWG, DXF and PDF format. The files are in zip files, which are easy to extract and keep the download size limited.

SAB BIM 3D models

Do you want the SAB product drawings in 3D format? Then go directly to to download the SAB 3D BIM objects and/or product data. The BIM objects are available in all relevant BIM software formats, including Autodesk Revit, ARCHICAD, Allplan and Trimble SketchUp. The BIM objects can also be downloaded and edited in different levels of detail. To use the BIM models and product data, you must register once.

A 2nd source with the SAB BIM objects is Cadenas’ portal Here the 3D BIM objects without data are visible in various formats. You also need a login for this website or you can create one with the first download of your 3D models.

SAB Details

SAB Productdrawings DWG

SAB Productdrawings DXF

SAB Productdrawings PDF