Construction of windbreaker project at Tata Steel IJmuiden begins

The construction of the windbreaker project at Tata Steel IJmuiden (NL) has started. The windbreaker will be erected around the Tata Steel raw material storage site near the coastline. It will be approximately 18 meters high and about 1 kilometer long. This is comparable to stacking two 3-story houses on top of each other. The perforated screen will reduce the wind speed over the storage site. As a result, the wind will have less effect on the materials, and dust will be less likely to blow around.

SAB is supplying 4,900 perforated profiles nearly 5 meters long in 8 different shades of gray, which together will form an attractive mosaic. Approximately 180 meters of the screen will feature high-quality graffiti art, with images suggested by local residents.

For SAB, this presents a significant logistical challenge to produce and deliver the right colors at the right time. Starting from week 13, we will begin producing around 400 formed profiles per week. The perforated profiles are double-sided coated with Colorcoat® SDP 50 (material from Tata Steel Colors IJmuiden itself), 1.25 mm thick, and weigh 38 kg each.

The windbreaker is part of the Roadmap Plus. Combined with other measures, it is expected that the deposition of dust in the immediate residential area will reduce by approximately 65 percent. Visit the Tata Steel website for those who want to learn more about the green plans of Tata Steel Netherlands.