Solar panels on roof SAB Geldermalsen (video)

Watch the testimonial video about the installation of more than 5000 solar panels on the roof of SAB Geldermalsen. A result of the successful cooperation between SAB-profiel and PerPetum!\

At SAB-profiel, sustainability is of great importance. When the new factory in Geldermalsen was constructed and the opportunity was presented to install solar panels on its roof, no time was wasted. In cooperation with PerPetum, a leading installer of industrial solar panels, the project was realised swiftly. And with an impressive result!

The challenge in this project was to optimally utilise the entirety of the facotry roof (ca. 18,000 m2), so the sustainable energy source contributes maximally to the production proces. Therefore, at first, a custom build plan was constructed by PerPetum that incorporated variables such as the shape, positioning and location of the roof. The following well-organised installation resulted in more than 5000 solar panels now contributing to the sustainable production of our renewed sandwich panels in Geldermalsen.

In the below video, Govert Kockelkoren (SAB-profiel) and Vahid Kharidar (PerPetum) elaborate on the cooperation and installation process. Starting from 1:53 at location SAB Geldermalsen.