Requesting a Confidex® Guarantee made easier

Confidex is a product performance guarantee for Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® and Colorcoat Prisma® applied to building facades that are larger than 50m2.
As you probably know, a Confidex® guarantee guarantees a product for up to 40 years, including the cut edges. This guarantee sets the trend in its class and is valid from the moment the product/project is registered. To speed up and simplify the registration process, SAB includes the required Tata Steel coil numbers on the invoice as standard. This makes e-mails or telephone calls with SAB redundant and immediately gives the correct information per coating and per colour for a Confidex request. The online registration link is also included on the digital PDF invoice and can be clicked to start a Confidex request. Try it yourself with your next project.

Main characteristics of Confidex:

  • Extensive coverage up to as long as 40 years.
  • Covers cut edges for the entire period of the Confidex Guarantee.
  • Based on simple diagrams, without exceptions due to situation and orientation of the building.
  • Confidex does not require obligatory annual maintenance inspections.
  • Does not make a distinction between different roof inclinations, as long as the inclination exceeds 1°.
  • Is granted directly to the building owner, which is different than most other guarantees that are available.
  • Is fully transferable if the building changes owner.
  • Has an online registration form that can be filled in quickly easily and quickly.
  • Reduces the risk for every part of the distribution channel.   

Certainty from Tata Steel
Registering the Confidex Guarantee provides a direct relationship with Tata Steel. In the unlikely event of problems related to the coating, Tata Steel can be directly contacted without having to involve the contractual distribution chain. This saves not only time and money, it also avoids unnecessary legal intervention and the associated costs. Another important advantage is that even if the distribution chain is interrupted, the Confidex Guarantee still enables claims to be made to Tata Steel.