Colorcoat SDP 35

Colorcoat® SDP 35: High quality and therefore durable

Colorcoat® SDP 35 is available in the thickness 35 µm. The most important advantages are the improved durability and scratch resistance. Ideal for use in situations where standard 25 µm systems offer insufficient performance, such as on cold roof cladding, roof panels or as wall cladding in coastal areas.

The advantages of Colorcoat SDP 35:

  • Excellent corrosion resistance because of its thicker organic coating
  • High scratch resistance because of the presence of acrylic particles
  • Deep colours as a result of a thicker top coat
  • Excellent guarantee up to 15 years, dependent on location, climate and application

You can download here a standard product performance guarantee of 15 years on a wall or roof application.

All RAL colours and thickness on request