New SAB TL and SL roof decking

From our new production facility in Geldermalsen: sandwich roofing panels with 3 crown trapezoidal (TL) and 40-mm sinusoidal (SL) ribbing

The roof panels are supplied in lengths up to 25 metres. The latest technology allows us to realise an overlap at the end (cutback) that is 100% free of foam and cut at a right-angle. Nothing more needs to be done to the panel on the building site before it is installed.

The core material is our trusted fire-resistant PIR foam that has extremely good insulation properties, giving u-values up to 0.16 W/m2K. We have a wide range of Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® and Colorcoat Prisma® in stock for use as the outer sheeting.

The inner sheet can be either coated steel sheet of covered in aluminium film (eco). Our sandwich panels create a windproof and watertight roof in a single pass. Excellent insulation, and guaranteed up to 40 years.

See our new Product overview for all versions, dimensions and weights