Heerema assembly hall

Off-shore constructions for the oil and wind energy industry are often impressive structures that draw attention through their sheer size. For the fabrication of such structures, Heerema Fabrication Group in Vlissingen (NL) has an assembly hall that is perhaps not as big as the structures themselves, but which is nonetheless very large. This hall is also recognisable from a distance and is certainly a landmark with its blue-white letters. Cladding company I.Z.V. from Kloosterzande (NL) has re-clad this hall with SAB sandwich panels. A nice big job, which also makes for an impressive sight.

The floor area of the assembly hall is 100 x 37 metres and the hall is 30 metres high. No less than 12.000 m2 of sandwich panels were needed to fully reclad this hall. The hall underwent a complete restyling using new colours, which alternate with transparent cladding that let light into the hall. The familiar blue-grey and beige was replaced with the contemporary colours, Sirius and Zeus. Both colours are from the Colorcoat Prisma® Metallics series. This special use of colour gives the building a new and modern appearance brings the shed entirely back up-to-date. The use of Colorcoat Prisma on this project, directly on the coast, is also subject to a long-term Confidex® guarantee of 25 years.

Heerema is specialised in offshore projects for the oil and wind industry. The location in Vlissingen is suitable for the performance of Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) topsides projects, where all of the offshore structure found above the water is built. The constructions of Heerema can be found all over the North Sea and far beyond. Last summer, the company finished off a jacket for the Gina Krog field in the North Sea, half-way between Norway and Scotland, an 142 metre-high jacket that weighs no less than 17,000 tons.

For more technical information on the Metallic Zeus and Sirius colours, see the Colorcoat Prisma technical brochure or look for the colours in the Colorcoat Prisma colourcard.

  1. The blue and beige panels have been replaced by sanwichpanels in metallic Colorcoat Prisma Sirius and Zeus.
  2. Close-up of SAB sandwich panels on the assembly hall of Heerema.
  3. Side view of the 30 metre-high assembly hall of Heerema in the end phase of the renovation.
  4.  The impressive doors of the assembly hall are all clad with SAB sandwich panels in Sirius Metallic, which goes well with the colour Zeus from the same series.