Fire resistance of SAB sandwich panels (FR series), now achievable at EI30 without Screws!

We have recently conducted a highly successful EI30 fire test with the SAB WB 120.1000 FR. In this successful test, we applied a special graphite tape at the factory, eliminating the need for screws in the seam (joint). This results in a significant acceleration of work on the construction site and makes it easier to meet the often-required fire resistance standard of at least EI30. The EI30 also applies to the SAB WB 140.1000 FR across all profiles and a maximum span of 4 meters (see also the table below).

FR series stands for Fire Resistance

SAB sandwich panels are fire-safe due to the use of PIR foam with a unique formulation. The fire resistance is indicated in the certificates as EI15, EI20, EI30, EW30, EW60, etc. Because the class also depends on the span, we have renamed the entire series of fire-resistant panels to SAB-panels-FR, where “FR” stands for Fire Resistance.

More Possibilities in EW30 and EW60

Concurrent with the investment in the new panel factory, we have also perfected all products. The new blind joint was designed to perform better in terms of wind and water tightness and in fire scenarios. To verify the latter, we had the SAB WB 100.1000-FR tested by Efectis in both vertical and horizontal orientations, as well as in Carrier applications. The results were indeed very positive. The SAB WB 100.1000-FR panels achieved EW30 in both directions with an application range up to an impressive 6 meters. The SAB-Carrier panels even achieved EW60! These results also apply to the Carrier WB 120 and WB 140.

The SAB D 90.1000-FR TL (vertical) was also tested for fire resistance by Efectis. The results were very positive. The SAB D 90.1000-FR TL easily achieved 30 minutes (EW30). These results also apply to the thicker SAB D TL sandwich panels, as seen in the table below.

Fire Safety Involves Many Aspects

Fire is always a critical theme, particularly fire resistance. More frequently, facades in the Netherlands must meet a ‘WBDBO requirement’ of 60 minutes. For this, panels are often required that are at least 30 minutes fire-resistant. For more explanations, see also the knowledge page on fire safety and fire resistance.

Overview of Fire Resistance in SAB Panels

We continue to conduct fire tests. The most recent information will always be available on our website. The overview of fire-resistant SAB sandwich panels is now as follows: