Extension sustainable BES 6001 classification SAB-profiel

Increasingly more building owners choose for a sustainable construction of their building. Therefore, it is important to be able to show that all construction materials have been sourced in a sustainable fashion. SAB-profiel will again be BES 6001 certified for the coming 3 years (2021-2024), including our new production site in Geldermalsen!

BES 6001 is certification method developped by BRE England to document the origin of materials (responsible souricng). For suppliers of building materials, this is the accepted standard to review the sustainability of their products. The ceritifcation progress not only reviews the production process and sourcing for specific products, but considers the sustainability of the entire product chain: from raw material to end product. Furthermore, it takes into account the sustainable presence of a company in the (local) community. This is comparable to the FSC standard applied to wood.

SAB has received a “Good” classification based on the BES 6001 criteria. This rating can support sustainability calculations, such as BREEAM, for new construction projects.

The new BES 6001 report (2021-2024) for SAB can be downloaded from our website.