A few words from Govert Kockelkoren

Since 1 June 2019, SAB-profiel bv has had a new General Manager, Govert Kockelkoren. After four months, SAB and the new general manager are already working well together.

Govert: “It pleases me to see the commitment with which everyone within SAB and our customers deliver top quality to the construction world.” He explains: “The market for high-quality profiles and sandwich panels is extremely dynamic. Higher requirements are placed on quality and delivery reliability as the number of advanced and innovative building projects in the market rises. Various improvement projects within SAB support this development and I consider this very important. In addition to the large logistic distribution centres for which we are the supplier of wall cladding and roofing products, SAB also successfully collaborates with architects and project developers to create aesthetically interesting buildings. It gives me great satisfaction to see the finishing touch being made to such an impressive project.”