SAB News 2015

19 november 2015

Circular economy is the future

Circular construction, where a building is erected using materials that can later be reused or recycled after possible demolition, is becoming increasingly popular. SAB cladding is ideal for use within this design philosophy. Bauke Bonnema, Marketing Manager Construction & Infrastructure at Tata Steel, explained this development based on a recent construction project, which for Tata Steel won a Steelie Award from the World Steel Association: a cradle-to-cradle distribution centre at Schiphol (NL).

19 november 2015

SAB aesthetic cladding in cradle-to-cradle data centre

The first CO2-negative data centre in the world was opened on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven (NL) this summer. KPN, major telecom company in the Netherlands and the owner of the data centre, had the building designed entirely according to cradle-to-cradle principles. Not only was the possibility of reducing CO2 emissions looked out, but endeavours were also made to make all parts of the building recyclable at the end of their lifespan. It was partly for this reason that the decision was taken to use SAB steel profiled cladding.

19 november 2015

Heerema assembly hall

Off-shore constructions for the oil and wind energy industry are often impressive structures that draw attention through their sheer size. For the fabrication of such structures, Heerema Fabrication Group in Vlissingen (NL) has an assembly hall that is perhaps not as big as the structures themselves, but which is nonetheless very large. This hall is also recognisable from a distance and is certainly a landmark with its blue-white letters. Cladding company I.Z.V. from Kloosterzande (NL) has re-clad this hall with SAB sandwich panels. A nice big job, which also makes for an impressive sight.

02 november 2015

The National Military Museum Soesterberg

In 2015, the Netherlands have a new tourist attraction, the National Military Museum in Soesterberg (NL). December 2014, King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands has opened the museum and subsequently, the attraction has opened her doors for the public audience to visit. The building is an architectonic project with a large amount of SAB cladding and decking material on the walls and roof, which has been realised by Nedicom, a cladding company from Asten (NL).