SAB Emc² - Wilo project

The innovative Ecological Multifunctional Climate Ceiling (E=MC² roofing/ceiling system) was developed by the Tata Steel Construction Centre Netherlands in conjunction with RD&T- NBD and SAB-profiel.

The SAB 153R/840 steel deck of SAB-profiel was designed to bear the extra weight of the roof and is produced with a special perforation pattern and a protective foil to allow the troughs to be filled with a concrete mix with Phase Change Materials. A 50% reduction in heating/cooling costs can be achieved using the innovative, low temperature heating/cooling system combined with heat buffering capabilities. The special SAB perforation pattern optimises the acoustics in the building.

The first application:

WILO is one of the leading manufacturers of pumps and pump systems for heating, cooling and air-conditioning technology and for water supply and sewage disposal. For their new head office near Amsterdam in the Netherlands Wilo wanted a building with high grade appearance, fitting their own innovative character of the company. There for Benthem Crouwel Architects in Amsterdam designed a two layer steel construction with profiled roof cladding and a storey, with an overhang of 20 meters above the water. 

In the roof 850 m² of the special profiled SAB 153R/840 with perfo is used. Furthermore 590 m² of the liner trays SAB 130/600 and 635 m² SAB 130/600 with perfo is used in the wall application. Both the steel deck and the liner trays are made of galvanized steel and produced by SAB-profiel in IJsselstein. 

E=MC2 won first prices on the annual Tata Innovation Event: “Innovista 2009” held in London on the first of June.

SAB Dakopbouw Emc2 Wilo