Recycling factory with SAB wall panels

As a supplier of steel building products, SAB is very proud to have supplied sandwich panels for the construction of this stunning metal recycling factory!

The Dutch village Farmsum (Groningen province) is since 2020 home to a state-of-the-art metal recycling factory. Following a groundbreaking innovative process, Purified Metal Company (PMC) uses this factory to recycle scrap metal contaminated with asbestos or other toxic substances. The end product of the recycling proces is a high quality raw material used by the steel industry. This is an important step in sustainability, since this scrap metal would normally end up on a dump.

Sustainability played an important role in the realisation of the new factory and the patented recycling proces. Not only has it created a new purpose for a large part of all contaminated steel scrap, the use of the recycled raw materials also saves up to 150,000 tons of Co2 in the steel industry. Thus, as a supplier of steel building products, SAB-profiel is very proud to have contributed to the construction of this stunning new factory!

For this construction project, SAB has supplied sandwich wall panels with FM and EW-30 classifications, and in several coloured coatings from the Colorcoat Prisma® and Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® products. This premium finish ensures a safe and long future for the metal recycling factory in Farmsum.

PMC Farmsum gevel met logoThe combination of SAB wall panels (hidden fixing) with different coloured coatings resulted in a industrial, but playful design.

Project details: