Fire resistance of SAB sandwich panels (FR series)

We have recently had the improved SAB WB 100.1000, the SAB D 90.1000 TL and the SAB Carrier tested for fire resistance by Efectis, with impressive results. These panels come within the FR series

SAB sandwich panels are fire safe thanks to the use of PIR foam with a unique formulation. The fire resistance is indicated on the certificates as EI15, EI20, EI30, EW30, EW60 etc. Because the class also depends on the span, we have renamed the entire series of fire-resistant panels the SAB FR panels. ‘FR’ here stands for Fire Resistance.

In parallel with the investment in the new panel factory, we have also refined all our products. The new blind joint had to give improved performance in the area of wind- and watertightness, and also in case of fire. To verify the last point, we had the SAB WB 100.1000-FR tested by Efectis. This was done for vertical, horizontal and also Carrier applications. The results were indeed very satisfactory. The panels achieved an EW30 rating in both orientations with an application area up to an impressive 6 metres. The SAB-Carrier panels even achieved EW60! These results also apply to the WB 120 and the WB 140.

More tests are being conducted at present. You can always find the most recent information on our website. This is the current overview of the fire-resistant SAB sandwich panels: