Decommissioning of SAB Nieuwegein

From April 2021, we expect to supply all of our sandwich panels from our new factory in Geldermalsen and start decommissioning our old factory in Nieuwegein.

SAB's new factory in Geldermalsen is operating increasingly well! It not only produces panels that live up to our high standards of quality, but the manufacturing productivity has also been rising for the last couple of weeks. We are already supplying all of our roof panels and wall panels with visible fixing from Geldermalsen, and increasingly more wall panels with hidden fixing are now also produced in our new factory. From April, we expect to be able to supply our full product range of sandwich panels from Geldermalsen, which means the commissioning phase of our new factory is coming to an end. Therefore, it is time for us to take the next step and start decommissioning our old factory in Nieuwegein, so we can fully dedicate our time and effort to the new SAB Geldermalsen production site!

We have now officially stopped producing roof panels, wall panels with TL ribbing and all wall panels with visible fixing following the old cover width of 1150mm from our site in Nieuwegein. The last orders for these panels will be delivered to our customers this month and new orders will not be accepted (exceptions only following consultation). Feedback from clients regarding the new panels supplied from Geldermalsen is very positive! When preparing construction drawings with our visibly fixed wall panels, it is thus important to consider the new construction width of 1100m, instead of the old width of 1150mm.

Results from the first production runs of our new sandwich panels are also proving promising. Last week, the first roof panels with sinusoidal SL ribbing have been produced and tested. The results are positive and we expect to release this panel for commercial production shortly. From April, we also expect to supply all of our wall panels with hidden fixing from Geldermalsen and thus be able to officially close our factory in Nieuwegein by the end of May 2021!

Productie SAB D SL GeldermalsenThe results of our last test with the SAB D SL roof panel were very promising.

The closure of SAB Nieuwegein is an important milestone that the entire team of SAB-profiel has been working very hard towards. Not only in the development and sale of our new panels, but also in the daily running and upkeep of both sites in Geldermalsen and Nieuwegein for the last months. Therefore, we are very happy to now be able to fully dedicate ourselves to our stunning new factory and improved sandwich panels!

Feel free to place (sample) orders for our new products or request our product samples. The drawings and technical datasheets of our new sandwich panels from Geldermalsen can be found on the Downloads page. Our employees are happy to adress any questions through our contact page.