Trapezoidal profiles

The trapezoidal profiles are used the most. The design is developed throughout the years and provides a good strength and load span. The trapezoidal profile is available is 6 different designs. From traditional, such as the SAB 35/1035, but also the modern design such as the 19/1050 or the symmetrical 45/900.

The number of possibilities is even bigger when u choose the B-side to be the colorside.

SAB 19/1050

The unique lowest trapezoidal profile of SAB, available in steel as well in stainless steel.

SAB 30/1100

A traditional trapezoidal profile with a work height of almost 30 cm.

SAB 35/1035

The oldest and most sold trapezoidal profile of the Netherlands.

SAB 40/915

The trapezoidal profile 40/915 is applied a lot with the colour on the B-side.

SAB 45/900

The most symmetrical trapezoidal profile from the SAB range is the unique SAB 45/900.

SAB 50/1000

The trapezoidal profile SAB 50/1000 with an ideal work width of 1 m.