Sinusoidal profiles

The sinusoidal profiles are available in three designs in heights of 18, 27 and 42 mm. The large variety of colors and coatings makes the steel profiles of SAB a popular choice for industrial constructions, offices and houses. It is often used horizontally, but vertically is, of course, also possible.

SAB 18/988

The sinusoidal profile SAB 18/988 is applied most if you compare the three sinusoidal profiles. The perfo version is also applicable on the inside of a building.

SAB 27/1000

The size inbetween, which can't be delivered by everyone, with a nice work width of 1 m is the sinusoidal profile SAB 27/1000.

SAB 42/960

The biggest sinusoidal profile, which is delivered by SAB, is the SAB 42/960.