Wall cladding

SAB offers a wide range of cladding that can be installed either vertically or horizontally, with or without a structural liner tray.

Steel wall cladding and profiled sheets

Are you looking for a suitable steel wall cladding? This may be a conventional trapezoidal profile SAB 35/1035 or a sinusoidal profile SAB 18/988 to special SAB performances as a trapezoid SAB 19/1050, SAB 45/900 or a sinusoidal SAB 42/960. SAB has the greatest choice for you.

For steel wall cladding of quality at a competitive price, you have come to the right place. Through years of experience with steel profiled sheets we can guarantee the highest quality and thorough knowledge!

Our product range contains the following type of profiled cladding:

Sinusoidal profiles

The sinusoidal profiles are available in three designs in heights of 18, 27 and 42 mm. The large variety of colors and coatings makes the steel profiles of SAB a popular choice for industrial constructions, offices and houses. It is often used horizontally, but vertically is, of course, also possible.

Trapezoidal profiles

The trapezoidal profiles are used the most. The design is developed throughout the years and provides a good strength and load span. The trapezoidal profile is available is 6 different designs. From traditional, such as the SAB 35/1035, but also the modern design such as the 19/1050 or the symmetrical 45/900.

Pyramid profiles

The pyramid profiles from the SAB-pyramid line are available in height of 19, 37 and 50 mm in many colors. All the profiles are available with continuous pyramids or with a flat part in between.

Special profiles

The special profiles give façades an aesthetic allurement. In the range of SAB there are several designs. The SAB-Twin 33/1000, the PD profile ( also known as Rabat profile) and the SAB-Pagode 40-450 and the new SAB-Blockprofile 23/430 and 30/415.

Plank profiles

For an optically flat façade you ask for the plank profiles from SAB-profiel. The recommended maximum length is 7 m. The plank profile is available in 4 design at SAB.

Processing, foil & film

Here you can find an overview of all of the additional processes that you can have on the profiled cladding. There is also information about the usage and application of protective film and anti-condensation foil.