Processing, foil & film liner trays

Here you can find an overview of all of the additional processes that you can have on the profiled cladding.


If the acoustic requirements so demand, you can have the profiled roof and wall cladding and structural inner linings perforated. But you can also request perforation just because you think it's attractive. Should you opt for perforation, however, please bear in mind that this alters the permissible load and the deflection of the materials. SAB supplies two standard perforated patterns: Perfo 3 and Perfo 4.

SAB perfo mogelijkheden P3 en P4

Sealing tape

From September 2010 it is possible to have all types of SAB liner trays fitted with sealing tape ex-factory. With this will come an end tot the awkward use of glues and adhesives in the wind and weather at the building site. The tape is always positioned in the correct place and is continuous without interruption over the whole length of inner liner trays. The sealing tape is easy to compress and offers excellent air tightness. Thanks to this extra service from SAB-profiel, you will increase insulation value and enhance comfort in the building while also saving on building- and energy costs.

Binnendoos SAB B90/500 met dichtband

Protective film

SAB can apply a protective film to all coatings to prevent damage. This film is applied as standard to all stainless steel and the exterior skin of sandwich panels. SAB firmly recommends that all smooth coatings, such as polyester and PVDF, should always be ordered with protective film. This film can be easily removed either immediately prior to or following installation.