SAB WB-FA 60-80-100-120


With the SAB WB-FA blind (invisible) or secret fixed fastening, no screws are visible on the screen. This creates a uncluttered, calm-looking facade or wall of sandwich panels.

With the FM Aprroval for our WB façade panels you opt for a product that meets FM Global's strict performance criteria.
The WB-FA sandwich panels can be used vertically and horizontally and are available in 3 different ribbings. In addition, the SAB WB-FA is also available in an EW30 version in the thicknesses 80-100-120 mm. 

Type Ribbing


Weight* RC U


  LL  M8L M16L mm kg/m2 m2K/W W/m2K m
SAB WB-FA 60.1000   o   o 60 11,45 2,62 0,36 12,0 **
SAB WB-FA 80.1000 80  12,25  3,60 0,26 12,0 **
SAB WB-FA 100.1000 100  13,05  4,55 0,21 13,8 **
SAB WB-FA 120.1000 120  13,85  5,50 0,18  13,8 **

*   Weight with steel exterior and interior skins with gauges of respectively 0.55 and 0.45 mm, other gauges are also possible.
** This is the recommended maximum length, longer lengths may be available on request.

Profilings Sandwich panels SAB LL M8L M16L

SAB WB Detail