Wallpanels FA

In this part an overview of the sandwich panels SAB FA, which are certified with an FM Approval.

With the SAB FA sandwich panels you have a certified FM Approved panel. In many countries much value is attached to this hallmark by building owners, property developers, architects, etc. Especially for distribution buildings, this has almost become a standard requirement and will then be included and prescribed in the building specifications of a newly developed building.

The FM Approval is only issued by FM Global. This is the largest insurer of industrial buildings worldwide and offers worldwide certifications for industrial and commercial products and tests via FM approvals. For this purpose, FM Global has its own test facilities in America to independently assess and certify construction products on wind, hail and fire. The SAB FA panels have undergone a series of strict structural and fire performance tests in America. In addition, extensive quality inspections are carried out at SAB's sandwich panels production site.

SAB can supply the WB and W panels in M8L, M16L and LL with an FM certificate for FM standards 4880 and 4881.

The SAB FA panels are available in the following thickness versions:

SAB WB-FA 60-80-100-120
SAB W-FA 40-60-80-100-120-150

The SAB FA sandwich panels will soon be clearly recognizable by the blue sealing tape paper.

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SAB WB-FA 60-80-100-120

With the SAB WB-FA blind (invisible) or secret fixed fastening, no screws are visible on the screen. This creates a uncluttered, calm-looking facade or wall of sandwich panels.

SAB W-FA 40-60-80-100-120-150

The W-FA sandwich panels with through fix, visible screws are available in many different thicknesses.

SAB W-FA 100-120 SL

The special SL sandwich panels, also knows as the sinusoidal panels. Now available with FM Approval.