SAB WB 60-80-100-120-140 New


No screws are visible due to the secret fixing on these sandwich panels. This creates an uncluttered facade or wall that is pleasing to the eye.

Our sandwich panels with secret fixing can be applied both vertically and horizontally, and come in 3 ribbings: LL, M8L and M16L.

For the new production site in Geldermalsen, our sandwich panels have been completely redesigned. The joint has been optimised for fire, wind and water resistance. The seal in the joint is easily compressed and provides airtight qualitiies even under the slightest compression. Our panels can be provided with a foodsafe coating for applications in the food processing industry. These panels will become available in early 2021.

Type Thickness Weight* Rc (NTA 8800) Rc (NEN 1068) U Max. Length
  mm kg/m2 m2K/W m2K/W W/m2K m
SAB WB 60.1000   60 10,5 2,74 2,56 0,36 16,0
SAB WB 80.1000 80  11,3  3,74 3,55 0,27 16,0
SAB WB 100.1000 100  12,1  4,71 4,50 0,21 16,0
SAB WB 120.1000 120  12,9  5,64 5,43 0,18  16,0
SAB WB 140.1000 140 13,7 6,60 6,39 0,15 16,0

*   Weight with steel exterior and interior skins with gauges of respectively 0.50 and 0.40 mm, other gauges are also possible.



Profilings Sandwich panels SAB LL M8L M16L

Joint Details

SAB WB Geldermalsen Detail Voeg