Wall panels WB and W

The PIR-foam panels for walls supplied by SAB are characterised by a combination of high insulation values and low weight.

The website makes a distinction between through fix (W), secret fix (WB) also possible with 30 minutes fire-resistant (EW30) and the specials (TL and SL).

A number of possible profiles

You can choose any of four sandwich panel ribbing profiles for your building, given the codes LL, ML, M8L and M16L. The first letters/numbers indicate the panel outside and the last letter, L, indicates the inside profile, which is common to all panel options. Drawings and details of these profiles are shown below.  

LL ribbing SAB panel

ML ribbing SAB panel

SAB WB 60-80-100-120

No screws are visible with the secret fixed / blind sandwich panels. This creates an uncluttered fa├žade that is pleasing to the eye.

SAB W 40-60-80-100-120-150

De through fix sandwich panels are available in many different thicknesses. In this case the screws in the panels are visible.

SAB W 95-135 TL

The special TL sandwichpanels have a trapezoidal profile with a crown hight of 30 mm. It has an improved joint. The prefabricated element without thermal bridges and with sealant in the joint guarantees an Rc value exceeding 6.0.

SAB W 100-120 SL

The special SL sandwich panels, also knows as the sinusoidal panels, are ideal for the combination with the according sinusoidal profiles SAB 18/988. The 80 mm is since March 2018 no longer available.