SAB W 120-150 EI30


To get a fire-resistance of 30 minutes from the inside to the outside (and also from the outside to the inside) you can use the sandwich panel SAB W 120 or 150 EI30. Also applicable as an inside wall.

The panels have the same ribbing possibilities and characteristics as the standard SAB W serie.

Type***  Ribbing Thickness Weight* RC U


      LL M8L M16L mm kg/m2 m2K/W W/m2K m
SAB W 120.1150  120  14,21  5,59 0,17 13,8 
SAB W 150.1150 o o o 150  15,41  6,98 0,14


* Weight with steel exterior and interior skins with gauges of respectively 0.63 and 0.50 mm
** This is the recommended maximum length, longer lengths may be available on request
*** Joint stitching every 500 mm
Profilings Sandwich panels SAB LL M8L M16L