Stacking & processing

Even with products that aim to achieve a high degree of standardisation, there are always things that you would like to see implemented in a certain way.

Stacking of panels in a pack

From April 2011 the standard stacking of wall panels is A/A/A/A. This is for through fix and secret fix panels in PIR. Only the wall panels W 95 TL and W 80 SL will be packed as A/B/AB.

From December 2013 is the standard stacking of roofing panels in a pack also A/A/A/A. An exception is made for roofing panels with a cutback: these are stacked B/B/B/B as standard. 

For a total overview of the maximum number sandwich panels per type per pack, see download (pdf 19 kB). 

A/A/A/A D75: 14 in a pack                              

Stacking SAB sandwich panels A-A

Saw cut and cutback on roofing panels

In certain circumstances it can be desirable to remove the foam and inner skin from the end of a roofing panel. For example, at an overlap due to the roof slope exceeding the maximum length of the panel, or for drainage into a gutter. In these cases, SAB-profiel can make a saw cut in the roofing panel, anywhere between 80 and 200 mm from the end. A complete cutback (foam and interior skin removed) can also be made in the factory for SAB D 75-95-115-135 (max. 150mm for D 75, max.200 for D 95-115-135). It makes difference whether there is assembled from left to right on the roof (= INZ.200MM REAR, below left) or assembly from right to left (= INZ.200MM FOR, below right).

left to rightright to left

Top plate

In addition, SAB-profiel can supply a top plate made of a single sheet of steel, which fits the upper surface of roofing panels D 75 to 135. For example, this top plate can also be folded for use as a ridge piece.

Bending and folding sandwich panels

Our wall panels can be amended to meet your own specifications. A number of popular options are:

  • Curve of 90 degrees
  • Angle between 90 and 180 degrees perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the panel