Stacking & processing

Products customized specifically for the building project help to achieve a smooth and efficient construction process. SAB-profiel offers a number of possibilities for further customisation and packaging (stacking) of sandwich panels.

Stacking of sandwich panels

By default, all of our wall panels are stacked according to A/A/A/A pattern, whereas A/B/A/B is possible on request. As exception, the SAB W95 TL, SAB W 135 TL, SAB W 100 SL and SAB W 120 SL panels are only stacked A/B/A/B to avoid deformation of the panels during transport. 

Our roofing panels with trapezoidal ribbing are by default stacked for export according to A/B/A/B pattern to maximize the number of panels in a pack, whereas A/A/A/A is possible on request for mounting with a vacuum lifting device. Roofing panels with a corrugated ribbing are only stacked A/B/A/B to avoid deformation of the panels during transport. 

For a complete overview of the maximum number of sandwich panels per pack and stacking options per type of panel, see the PDF download. 

Below examples of A/A/A/A stacking (SAB D 70; 15 panels per stack) and A/B/A/B stacking (SAB D 70; 19 panels per stack)

SAB Pakketstapeling A-A-A-A SAB pakketstapeling A-B-A-B

Cutback on roof panels

In certain circumstances it can be desirable to remove the foam and inner plating from the end of a roofing panel. For example, at an overlap due to the roof slope exceeding the maximum length of the panel or for drainage into a gutter. In these cases, SAB-profiel can apply a cutback (removal of the foam and inner plate) from factory. This is possible for all roofing panels from our factory in Geldermalsen, including the Eco panels, with a minimum length of 2600 mm + length of the cutback. On request, the cutback can measure between 50 mm and 300 mm. Note that the direction of assembly, from left to right (left overlap) or from right to left (right overlap), makes a difference. Looking from the ground to the roof.

Cutback and assembly of roofing panels


Roof ridge piece

In addition to our roofing sandwich panels, SAB-profiel can supply a top plate made of a single sheet of steel, which fits the upper surface of the roofing panels. This top plate can also be folded for use as a ridge piece.
Minimum length 2m, maximum length 6m. Larger numbers in consultation.

Single top plate of an SAB roofing panel with S and T ribbing. This plate can also be folded.

SAB D bovenplaat SSAB D bovenplaat T


Bended wall panels

Our wall panels can be amended to meet custom specifications. A number of popular options are:

  • A curve of 90 degrees
  • An angle between 90 and 180 degrees perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the panel